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Access to Success Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

It's not easy to be deployed overseas in an unfamiliar and unfriendly environment.  My guest Adam T Cummings would argue it's even harder to reacclimate yourself back to civilian life.

Veteran homelessness and suicide is at an all time high and the problem is now getting more attention than ever.  Thanks to advocates like Adam and the power of social media the conversation is appearing on more people's radar.

Adam is a Marine veteran and has battled through the mental challenges that face many veterans today.  On this episode he talks about his experience, as well as the network he's now building through his show Vetting America.  

He interviews veteran Entrepreneurs who also support fellow veterans through their service, volunteer, and charitable efforts.  He's now building an online network among other strategies to help veterans get the help and services they need more quickly and efficiently than what's currently being offered.

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